Thursday, September 22, 2011

Circle Bar B Reserve, Lakeland, FL

I've been back in Florida for a few weeks and had not touched the camera so visited Circle Bar B Reserve this week to see what was happening.   When we first arrived we saw four eagles circling over the marsh.  There is a lot of tall plant growth in the marsh which blocks some of the normal viewing areas.  Along Marsh Rabbit Run we found this Limpkin on a low tree limb by the trail.  He was close and I was carrying the 500mm lens so this was the result.  (did I say how much I like this lens...)

We saw several photographers along Wading Bird Way so wondered out to them to see what was happening.  There were two baby Limpkins in the underbrush along the shore.  I was surprised they would be hatching this time of the year but with our never ending summer anything can happen.

The Black Bellied Whistling Ducks are starting to return.  We saw several flocks circling over the marsh. 

It was a good visit but got warm quickly.  With Fall arriving this week maybe it will start to cool off.  For you that are in the Lakeland area a new park recently opened on the other side of Lake Hunter from the Circle B.  It is the Marshall Hampton Reserve on Thornhill Rd.  I'll be visiting there soon and will report back what I find. 

A quick note on Yellowstone.  The Lake Hotel (where I worked) will close for the season on Sunday.  I wish all my co-workers and friends a safe return home or to your next work assignment.  I look forward to joining many of you next summer at the "Lake".