Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time for babies at the Circle B Bar Reserve

On Sunday we found the two baby Barred Owls on Alligator Alley near the bend at the lake. Getting a good photograph is hard because of the trees between our vantage point and the nest. We did briefly see both chicks and one of the adults.

I couldn't pass up this picture of the Blue Heron keeping a watchful eye on the nearby gator.

While watching for the owls on Wednesday this Green Heron was begging to get his chance with the camera. 

And finally my favorite picture of the week is a week old Sand Hill Crane with mom close by.

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I'm also watching two hawk nests (a Red Shouldered and possibly a Northern Harrier) and hope to post pictures soon of chicks. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Owls at Circle B Bar Reserve

Two weeks ago I visited the Circle B on Sunday morning.  After a few hours and only a few pictures an owl flew overhead.  I saw him land nearby so got the picture below.  He flew off quickly so I continued to look around in nearby trees and was surprised to find the young owl perched nearby.  I watched him for over an hour (and he watched me)

                                                        Great Horned Owls

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Last week I had the opportunity to spend four days on Cumberland Island, GA.  It was great to spend time exploring Georgia's southern most barrier island.  A big thanks to Bill for allowing Kevin and I to accompany him on his 16th spring vacation on the island.  Also a big thanks to Kevin for sharing his extensive knowledge of birding.  Our final bird count will likely reach 40+ and there were also the wild horses, pigs, racoons, alligators, etc.

 We observed several flocks of turkey with these two impressive Toms strutting there stuff near the southern tip of the island.

One of our best finds was a pair of Oyster Catchers along the beach.  They were beautiful birds we observed on two occasions.

To see more pictures from Cumberland Island visit Cumberland Island Pics

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Circle B Bar Reserve

 Earlier this week we visited the Circle B to see what was new.  Along Marsh Rabbit Run we found a nest of new alligator hatchlings.  We counted 14 but there were likely more out of sight.  Mother gator was close by but did not appear threatened by our pressence.  Further along the trail we found this Blue Heron trying to consume a banded water snake. 
I can just never pass up photographing the Bitterns along the same trail.

 This Anhinga had just speared dinner.  He was eventually able to swallow it whole. Amazing..

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