Monday, December 19, 2011

Circle B Bar Reserve

Visited Circle B on Sunday morning.  Activity is starting to pick up with many wood storks, one group of white pelicans,  many black-bellied whistling ducks, and more white ibis than you could count.  A real treat was four roseate spoonbills.

Found this to be an odd mix of "tree mates".  Spoonbill, stork, ibis and a crow..

After many attempts to catch the whistlers in flight, finally got this one.

Also captured these pelicans in flight.

If you are here in central Florida you should plan a trip to Circle B Bar Reserve .

Thanks for visiting my blog,  David

Lake Morton, Lakeland, FL

Visited Lake Morton early Friday morning to see what new might have arrived this week.  There were still at least a few hundred white pelicans on the lake as well as white ibis, wood storks and the swans that live there permanently.  For those of you not familiar with Lake Morton, it is located near the heart of Lakeland, FL.  The Lake Morton Historic District of homes consists mainly of homes built between 1918 and 1927.  What better way to spend a morning; a cup of Starbucks coffee, my Canon camera and a lake covered with birds.  (Remember to "click" on an image to enlarge)

The main show was the many white pelicans making a stop over on the lake.

You can usually find a few mallards on the lake year round.  This fellow was close by so could not resist getting a photo.

In addition to the pelicans, numerous wood storks are hanging out around the lake.  I caught this fellow yawning as he tried to get going for the day.

My pic of the day is this ring-necked duck.  Several pair were swimming near our position on the lake.

For you Yellowstone lovers check out this link for a wonderful wolf photo captured last week by Steve Hinch,  To follow Steve he is now on Facebook at Steve Hinch Photography.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Circle B Bar Reserve

We made our normal Sunday morning trip to Circle B this weekend.  As we arrived a pair of eagles landed near the parking area.  We quickly set up and got a few shots before they flew off.  The lighting was poor and in the rush did not get everything set properly so not as sharp as I would like but there is no more majestic bird than the American Bald Eagle.

We then walked along Rabbit Run trail to Wading Bird Way.  Along the way we spotted this Great Blue Heron  surrounded by BurrMerrigold flowers.  Remember to "click" on picture to enlarge.

On the way to Wading Bird Way we were told to be sure to look for the Wigeons.  We spotted them but they were on the east side of the path and some distance from shore, meaning we would be shooting into the sun.  I tried to get the best angle I could but still heavily back lit.

On the west side of the trail I spotted this pair of Northern Shovelers, another first for me.  This was my pick for picture of the day.

Another fun trip to Circle B Bar Reserve.   Thanks for following my blog.  David

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lake Morton, Lakeland Florida

This past week I had noticed a number of white pelicans on Lake Morton which is one of our downtown lakes here in Lakeland.  This morning I was there at sunrise armed with camera and Starbucks.  It was mostly foggy but managed to get a few good photos.  I'll try again soon to get some in-flight pictures when it is not so foggy.  Did you know Lakeland has 38 named lakes within the city.

Thanks for looking, David

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Circle B Bar Reserve, Polk County Florida

We visited Circle B on Friday after work.  I seldom get out there in the late afternoon so it was a nice change.  There was almost no one on the trails, but there was also almost no wildlife activity.  On the way out to the main trail we did find a family of three Sand Hill Cranes feeding.  Here is one of them with BurrMerrigolds blooming in the background.

We then proceed along Alligator Alley to Lake Hancock.  As we approached the lake we could hear an owl in the distance.  We walked along the lakeside trail until we found this Barred Owl well hidden in the tree canopy.   (Remember to "click" on the picture to enlarge)

Equipment:  Canon 7D DSLR,  Canon 500mm f4.0 lens, Canon Speedlite 580EXII, Better Beamer Flash Extender, and Gitzo Tripod with Wimberley head.

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