Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ospreys at Circle B Bar Reserve

We visited Circle B this weekend and found one of our usual trails closed due to alligator nesting activity.  So we decided on the trail down to Lake Hancock where we took refuge on a pier to escape the mosquitos.  The pier is covered to provide shade from the sun and there was a nice breeze blowing off the lake.  At any time you could count at least 20 Osprey in the air over the lake searching for fish.  The Osprey is also known as the Fish Hawk, a very appropriate name.

Photos are best viewed from the blog site and can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Looking for lunch

The Catch!

Now to find a perch for lunch

That was good....

This will be the last post from Circle B for some time.  I leave this week to spend August in Yellowstone, Teton and Glacier National Parks.  I hope to post a weekly update while traveling.

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